Friday, December 26, 2014

Fragrance Frenzy: Because of You by Jordin Sparks

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Welcome to another addition of Fragrance Frenzy! Today, we will be reviewing a perfume by American Idol Winner and international recording artist Jordin Sparks. This is definitely a great gift idea for those who are looking to get their friends a cute, inexpensive fragrance for daily use. It is one the more feminine and sweet scents that I have encountered — which isn’t a surprise considering the incredible Jordin Sparks is the name behind the face. Here is the review:

A fragrance set of Because of You costs $23.95 at Amazon (can be found here). The product is described as “distinct, innovative, elegant, and subtle, this fragrance offers a long lasting sensuality. It celebrates the renaissance of extreme femininity and power of spontaneous emotion.” The scent can definitely be described as both floral and subtle, like a mix of Fancy by Jessica Simpson andLaundry by Shelli Segal. However, the scent can be very underwhelming at points. I give the scent a3.75/5.


The two photos above are of the box that the perfume is found in and the bottle itself. As you can see, the bottle is placed in a metallic pink colored packaged with golden inscriptions. The back of the box shows a beautiful campaign photograph of Ms. Jordin Sparks. In relation to the bottle, it utilizes stain glass techniques to create a gradient affect, where the bottom of the bottle is pink while the top is clear. A single bottle carries 2.5 fl. oz. of fragrance. All in all, I give the packaging a fair 4.25/5. However, I do wish that the box and bottle had more details.

The photos above can be found here. All in all, I feel that this fragrance does fare well, especially considering I purchased my bottle for less than $8. It has a very well-balanced mixture of femininity and delicacy. However, it does seem to be a bit underwhelming in scent and its packaging leaves a bit to be desired. All in all, I give this fragrance a 4/5 or a B.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

(My) Everyday Makeup Routine for Very Dark Skin

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I am so sorry for being MIA for the last couple of months. As a little recap, I have been busy working for my new job at Behind the LOOK, applying to college, schoolwork, extracurricular activities and working as a freelance fashion journalist for different magazines and websites. However, I am back with an exciting edition of Makeup Madness! Today, I will be showing you my everyday makeup routine. This makeup look is great for women with Very Dark Skin (particularly, women who are a MAC Shade NW55 or darker). Let’s go to the tutorial!


Step 1: Apply a thin layer of medium-coverage foundation all over the face using either a makeup sponge or stippling brush. I used MAC Matchmaster Foundation in the shade 9.5.

Step 2: Highlight under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the chin with a lighter colored concealer in order to add dimension to the face. I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer in Extra Deep

Step 3: Dust a black, matte eye shadow to use as a base in order to make the colors appear darker. Then, sweep a medium brown shimmer eye shadow all over the lid. Finally, mix the deep brown shade and the black matte shadow and use as a crease color to add more dimension to the eye. I used three shades in the Sephora Enchanting 14 Eye Shadow Palette.

Step 4: Line the waterline and tightline with a black eyeliner. Then, use that same eyeliner to create a small cat eye on both eyes. I used the Wet and Wild Brow and Eyeliner in Black.

Step 5: Put one or two coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes to add length and volume to your eyelashes. Use a dark brown shade in order to keep the look casual. I used the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara in Brown Black.


Step 6: Use a red-tone dark brown cream foundation to contour the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. Then, use a similarly toned eyeshadow to set the cream foundation. I used Ruby Kisses Cosmetics 3D Face Creator in Level 16 and MAC Eyeshadow in Embark.

Step 7: Set the foundation and concealer with a dark brown face powder. I used MAC Studio Fix in NW58.

Step 8: Use a coco-colored lipstick and dark brown lip gloss to add a fun, natural pop to the lips. I used Covergirl Continuos Color Lipstick in Coco Blush and Black Radiance Radiant Lipgloss in Mocha Madness.

Step 9: Finally, I used a makeup setting spray to give my face a dewy finish. I used MAC Fix+ Makeup Setting Spray.

Stay tuned for my next post and I am so happy to be back!!!

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