Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Gossip Girl Semiformal (Short) Dresses

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Today is the last current installment of this week’s Fashion Fanatic. I felt that even though Gossip Girl had a large amount of evening events, they also had certain events that the characters had to attend that wasn’t casual enough to wear everyday clothes but not formal enough to wear a gown. The girls would then choose some beautiful semiformal dresses and use those events as there own personal runways. Here, I have compiled my top 5 looks from these events. Here they are:

5. Blair Waldorf in episode 1×18 “Much ‘I Do’ About Nothing”

This is the dress that Blair wore to the wedding of Bart Bass and Lily Van Der Woodsen in there first season marriage of the century (or season). Even though Queen B is cruel and rules Constance with an iron fist, I love how she dresses in such feminine and classic pieces. This dress is very complimentary of Blair’s petite frame, and the pink color as a rosy glow to her perfect skin. I guess sometimes the Queen has permission to dress like a princess.

4. Serena Van Der Woodsen in episode 4×01 “Belles de Jour”

Now, I am cheating a little bit here This dress was meant to be a casual outing while Blair and Serena explored the streets of Paris, however, I thought it was much too beautiful not to included. Blake’s one of the kind body deserved this beautiful one of a kind golden-sequined cage inspired dress. This, along with her low-maintenance fedora and cute nude-colored oxfords complete this look for either a nice lunch date or a semiformal event!

3. TIE – Serena Van Der Woodsen in episode 6×07 “Save the Last Chance” and episode 5×08 “All the Pretty Sources”

I tried and tried, but I couldn’t decide between two of these beautiful dresses worn by our own Serena Van Der Woodsen. During the final two seasons of Gossip Girl, Serena went to a plethora of events that required her to dress in semiformal gowns, and she always knew how to compliment her tall, buxom frame. The dress on the top is a gorgeous use of a bustier along with sequin, and adds even more shape to Serena’s figure. The dress on the bottom is styled to perfection using long stranded pears, with panels that add an interesting touch to the printed dress. 

2. Blair Waldorf in Episode 2×01 “Summer Kind of Love”

While I personally prefered Serena’s Grecian inspired gown for the event, I felt that it was a bit too formal for the event. Queen B keeps thing slightly more casual with this beautiful take on a bandage dress, styled with white heels and Blair’s signature headband. This dress hugs Leighton’s curves in all of the write places, and the length of the dress allows Blair to show off her killer gams for once. I especially love the pearl bracelet that Queen B wears, as I feel that it completes the look. 

I just had to add this picture of Chuck and Blair because, well, its CHUCK BASS IN ALL WHITE!!!

1. Serena Van Der Woodsen from episode 3×03 “The Lost Boy”

The winner just had to be Serena Van Der Woodsen in plum colored Herve Ledger! I love everything about this gown on Serena, from the fit, to the cut, to the length, the shoes OMG The cutout bust allows for Serena to show off her killer bust without showing too much, which she has a tendency to do in traditionally V-neck gowns. The golden heels compliment the plum colored bandage dress, and elongate the 5’10” actresses amazing and legendary legs. Finally, the bandage nature of the dress clings to Serena’s perfect body like it’s nobody’s business, which leads to the creation of the perfect gown!

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P.S. Join me next week for another segment of Fashion Fanatic for: Pretty Little Liars!!!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Trend Thursday: Peplum Jackets and Plum Lipstick

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It’s actually Thursday LOL. I am so excited for this week’s installment of Trend Thursday. I will keep the trends current, so all of the Thursday’s will be based on fall trends. This week I have been really into a new trend and a classic favorite, which is a new type of outerwear along with a beautiful shade of dark lipsticks. I hope you like the reviews and here we go:

During the autumn months, the temperature begins to fall and its time to take out your cutest coats and strut down the streets as your runway. Now, we have all had the fleece and leather coats, but a new trend of peplum coats have hit the racks. Peplum is known as the use of an overskirt in order to add some shape to your hips and hide a possible food baby from the public. I have been loving these jackets and how they appear over tighter clothing!!! They are one of my favorite discoveries of the autumn months. 

This personal trend has been an autumn staple for as long as women can remember. Deep plum lips add a sense of mystery and seduction to the lips, and are perfect during the colder months to add a bold color to your makeup. One of the things that I have always loved about plum lipstick is how versatile the color is on women of all colors. As I have said before, I have a NW58 skin tone, and I find it difficult to find colors that look good on my skin. This staple looks absolutely incredible on my lips, and I will never tire of this classic and sophisticated trend. 

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Gossip Girl Evening Gowns

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As you all know, I have decided to dedicate this entire week to my top 5 outfits from the teen phenomena that is and was Gossip Girl. For today, I decided to concentrate on the evening gowns from the show. Due to residing in the filthy rich society in the Upper East Side, the members of the Gossip Girl society were always having to dress in the most expensive and glamorous dresses for certain events. For Blair Waldorf, Jenny Humphrey and Serena Van Der Woodsen, these events were almost contest for who could rule the hallways of school and the runways that were charity events and opera theaters. This is my top 5 outfits:

5. TIE - Serena Van der Woodsen from episode 5x13 "G.G." and episode 2x01 "Summer Kind of Wonderful"

This is the maid of honor dress that S wore to Blair's wedding to Prince Louis Grimaldi. While the rest of the bridesmaids wore quite "interesting" single-strapped peach dresses with a large pleated skirt, Serena's gown made all of there ensembles look like the first project in a sewing class. The gown looks absolutely perfect on her frame, and she actually steals the spotlight away from our bride :)

This is the grecian gown that Serena wears to the White Party during her season 2 premiere. The only reason that this dress is not number 1 is due to simplicity of the style, but I cannot find any other flaw with this look. This is most likely the most innovative use of a plain white gown that I have ever feasted my eyes upon, and it is perfection. 

4. Blair Waldorf from episode 5x13 "G.G."

This beautiful baby blue floral gown that Blair wore to her wedding to Chuck Bass (insert fangirl squeal here) was exactly what I had imagined that Queen B would look like on her wedding day. I feel that blue has always been Blair's color, and that the style of the gown is very sophisticated and chic. Most of all, the golden headband is the most iconic fashion accessory to ever grace the Gossip Girl screen. 

3. Blair Waldorf from an unknown episode in Season 4 (Paris Arc)

This parisian dress makes Blair Waldorf look like the princess that she knows she is. The ruffles on the bodice add shape to Leighton's petite frame, while the color is as bold as it is glamorous. The shoes are absolutely perfect, and completely revoke the fashion rule of never wearing pink with red. Finally, Blair's red lip just ties this Parisian gown of perfection in a neat little bow. 

2. Serena Van Der Woodsen from episode 4x08 "Juliet Doesn't Live Here Anymore"

This gown by Zuhair Murad is arguably the most beautiful gown to ever grace my eyes. Not only does the body con lining allow for the audience to gawk of Serena's beautiful legs, but the intricate lace details that cover the lining are absolutely incredible. This dress proves to the audience that Serena will always be the It-girl of the upper east side!
1. Blair Waldorf in Episode 2x24 "Valley Girls"

The reason that Blair's one of a kind Marchesa gown from her senior prom made #1 on this list is not only because of this great beauty, but its status as an icon. This dress completely changed the way that young women say prom, and reinvigorated the fad of buying designer dresses for that special day. This dress looks absolutely marvelous on our Prom Queen, with golden details that make Blair appear as a powerful and majestic bird. That Chuck Bass gave her the gown is only icing to the cake of this symbol of beauty.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fashion Fanatic: Top 5 Casual Gossip Girl Outfits

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I have decided that I will concentrate on the Top 5… from popular TV Drama shows, including Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl, Degrassi, Skins and etc. I feel that teen dramas are one of the greatest inspirations in modern fashion. My style is personally a mix of Serena Van Der Woodsen, Jenny Humphrey and Aria Montgomery. Today, I decided to do my top five lists on the casual looks from the royal phenomena that is Gossip Girl. Here they are:

5. TIE – Jenny Humphrey from 3×04 “Dan de Fleurette” and Serena van der Woodsen from an unknown episode

This outfit worn by Blake Lively as she portrays Serena Van Der Woodsen. I really love how Serena is able to layer beautiful outerwear, such as this vest, in order to create an outfit. The ruffles on the otherwise simple pink tank creates a visually appealing image to all who see her. This is a perfect example of the sexual youth that Serena was meant to show. 

This outfit worn by Jenny Humphrey in episode 3×04 is the introduction of Queen J. Following her coronation as the Queen of Constance in the season 2 finale, Jenny decided to change her style to become slightly more rocker-chic and less grunge. This is definitely my favorite look from Jenny, as she wasn’t so childlike as in season 1 or as grungy and mid-season 3. 

4. TIE - Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf in episode 1×10 “Hi, Society”

This outfit appears while Serena and Blair are talking about there excitement over entering society at there Cotillion. Blair and Serena not only show that you can make a school uniform look fabulous, but they create two completely different looks for two different personalities and body types. Serena’s sexy and laid back style complements her tall and buxom figure, while Blair’s tailored suit jacket and romper are perfect for her petite frame. 

3. Blair Waldorf in episode 1×12 “School Lies”

This dress was worn by Queen B in season 1. I find that this dress is one of the most beautiful casual outfits that are worn on the Gossip Girl screen. It perfectly compliments Blair’s figure, and makes her hourglass frame even more stark. The collar also adds that undying charm that the Waldorf name seems to add onto Blair. 

2. Blair Waldorf in an unknown episode (possibly season 4 during the Paris Arc) 

This dress by Marc Jacobs and cape by Trina Turk is just an absolutely incredible ensemble on Blair. The printed leggings only exaggerate how toned Blair’s legs, and her overall beauty. The print on the dress and the cape exude class, and work as a symbol on the preppy enigma that is Queen B.

1. Serena Van Der Woodsen in an episode in Season 5 (California Arc)

This is the complete and utter definition of perfection in an outfit. The coral blazer from Topshop only serves as the perfect ornament to the floral print pleated skirt and sequin top. The nude pumps elongate Serena’s legendary gams, while the turquoise bag and earrings serve as the perfect accessories. I feel that this look is a true representation of Blake Lively’s glamorous West Coast style with a chic touch of NYC. 

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trend Thursday: Leather Trim and Colorful Smokey Eyes

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Happy Thursday LOL! Ok, now I know that it is actually Saturday, however, last night I had this great idea of posting weekly posts about fashion and beauty trends that I have been loving throughout this week. I wanted the posts to be on Thursdays, but I had been so concentrated on beauty products this weeks that I had no time. So following this week, I will be having weekly (on Thursday) review on these trends. Now to the reviews:

I have been in love with leather trim this entire week! I believe that all women have an inner tough personality, and leather is the perfect way to express it. However, sometimes a pure leather ensemble can come off a bit biker and dominatrix-esque, so leather trim is the perfect medium. This picture shows different ways to rock this look.

I have never been into the super dark smokey look, however, a pop of color has always made me smile. The colorful smokey look allows the wear to have a sexy glance without looking either messy or overly grungy. Kristen Stewart is a perfect example of someone who can rock this look. The Smoked Palette is the perfect palette for these looks!!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blazing Blush: Blush for All Skin Tones

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Blush is one of those makeup staples that every makeup lover cannot live without. It can either be used everyday to add the most subtle hint of color to add a little excitement to your cheeks or used on nights out for a little drama. Now, if your like me and have a very extreme skin complexion (I am very dark-skinned) then you can have a bit of trouble looking for blush that doesn’t make you look muddy or cartoonish. I am going to give examples of my favorite blush for fair skin, medium skin, dark skin and dark deep skin:

Best Fair Skin Blush: 

The Dior Poudre Shimmer Brick in Rose Diamond retails for $49.00 and comes with multiple colors. The colors on the left to right end of the brick are a light champagne color, a pink-champagne color, a pale pink color and a warm toned pink. While this shimmer brick is a bit on the pricey side, it can be used as a highlighter, eyeshadow and blush all in one. I have known some of my friends who only wear variations of this palette on there face and they look incredible. By concentrating on the more pink toned colors of the palette, one can create a beautiful fair toned blusher. 

Swatch and In-Depth Review:

Dupe: NYX Powder Blush in Angel, $5.00

Best Medium Skin Blush:

Nars Blush in Orgasm retails for $29.00 at Sephora, and is also known as the “universal blush” by most beauty gurus around the blogging and vlogging circuit. This blush is described as a light pink with gold shimmer, and looks absolutely beautiful on just about any skin tone. However, from my experience, I think this blush looks great on girls with a tan or girls who are of Asian or Latin descent. 

Dupe(s): Sleek Blush in Antique, $5.99 and NYX Powder Blush in Pinched, $5.00

Best Dark Skin Blush:

Mac Powder Blush in Raizin retails for $21.00 and is a matte golden-reddish brown color. It can be used as a contour on girls of a medium complexion, however, it looks absolutely gorgeous as a blush on darker Latina girls and medium-skinned African Americans. This is also the perfect blush for girls who aren’t a big fan of shimmer on there cheeks, as it is completely shimmer free!


Dupe: NYX Powder Blush in Mauve, $5.00

Best Dark Deep Skin Blush:

Mac Powder Blush in Sweet as Cocoa retails for $21.00 and is described as a medium brown blush with a slight deep pink tint and shimmer. Now, I can honestly say that this is the best blush for dark-skinned women that I have ever used. I use this blush everyday, and it looks so natural and complimentary on the skin. It looks a bit red-toned in the picture above, but in real life, it is absolutely gorgeous. 

Dupe: NYX Powder Blush in Cocoa, $5.00

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Lipstick Ladies: Favorite Nudes For All Skintones

Hey Everyone!!! 

I decided to stay concentrated on nude lipsticks this week! So in this post I am going to pick my favorite nude lipsticks for girls of a fair, medium, dark and deep dark complexion. I am in love with intense eye colors, and I am always looking for the perfect nude lip color to compliment my eyes. Here are some that I have tried and loved:

Best Fair Skin Nude:
Mac Lipstick in Creme Cup has a cream sheen finish and is a light pink color.It retails for about $15.00. The cream sheen finishes is my second favorite Mac finish (after lustre) and is very moisturizing to the lips. It smells incredible, and the color looks absolutely beautiful on girls with a fair complexion. Whenever I am with one of my more fair-skinned friends, I always show them this lipstick as the perfect everyday color. 


Swatch and In-Depth Review:

Dupe: Milani Color Perfect Lipstick in 53 Barely There, $3.49

Best Medium Skin Nude:
Mac Lipstick in Viva Glam V has a lustre finish and is a brown-toned pink. It retails for about $15 at most stores. Not only do I think that this is one of the most beautiful lipsticks know to man, however, the cause is incredible. 100% of the profits from these lipsticks go to the AIDS fund, which makes you even more inclined to but these lipsticks. The color is universal, however, I appears as a shiny nude on women of a medium skin tone. It is the perfect everyday color. 

Dupe: Nyx Black Label Lipstick in Heiress, $7.50

Best Dark Skin Nude:

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in 380 Bean There is a beautiful shade of light brown. It retails for $7.49 at Ulta. It is very affordable, and can be used on lighter skin tones to add a bit of drama on the lips or as a nude colored lipstick for darker girls. I would say that women who are a Rihanna-Gabrielle Union shade of skin could really be helped by this nude lipstick. 

Swatch and In-Depth Review:

Best Deep Dark Skin Nude:

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Double Espresso 38 has a pearl finish and has a beautiful, deep and dark brown color. It is the least expensive lipstick on this at $3.49. I am a personal user of this product, and it is one of the few products that I can use as a nude on my NW58 skin tone. I have seen it used on girls of a lighter skin in order to achieve a deep and sultry look and on darker girls, such as myself, as an everyday staple. I would suggest this color to any girl with skin similar to that of Alek Wek. 

Swatch and In-Depth Review:

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mascara Mayhem! Multiple Mascara Reviews :)

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This post is going to be a little bit different then my others, as I’m going to feature and review five different mascaras that I think are appropriate for different looks, cost, occasions, and etc. These categories are: Best Lengthening Mascara, Best Voluminizer Mascara, Best Everyday Mascara, Best Affordable Mascara, and most Falsie Inducing Mascara. Here we go:

1. Best Lengthening Mascara

The Dior Dior Show Waterproof Mascara in Black 090, which retails for $25.00 at Nordstroms and Sephora, is notorious for adding an unreal amount of length to your lashes. Below is an example of its affect (I just ran out ) that I found on Beauty Butterflies blog. 

2. Best Volumnizing Mascara

The Maybelline the Falsies Big Eyes Volum’ Mascara, which retails for $6.99 at Target, is known for adding volume to your lashes. It is also very convienient as it comes with an itsy-bitsy wand for your bottom lashes. I found both this picture and before and after from Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary (! Check out her blog for a full review!

3. Best Everyday Mascara

The Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black retails for $4.44 at Target has been a cult-favorite mascara for longer then I can remember. While I am not overly impressed by this mascara for a night out or an event, it is the perfect product to add just the most subtle amount of length to your lashes for a day look. There is an amazing review of this product, which I got the before and after photos from, written by the Portuegese Beauty guru (

4. Best Falsie Inducing Mascara

The L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black retails at Ulta for $9.99. This mascara is the favorite of youtube guru Carli Bybel, and makes your lashes look miles long. While this is a little expensive for a drugstore product, I feel that the effect of this mascara is comparable to that of a high-end product. You can find an amazing review of this produce from The Face Artist (

5. Best Mascara Bargain!!!

The Wet’ N Wild Mega Volume Mascara in Black retails at only $2.99 at most beauty stores, and is a veteran of the Youtube $20 makeup challenge for creating beautiful length for a tiny price. I have used this mascara before, and for someone who has a very limited budget for makeup, this product is a must have! For a full review of this product, go to In Her Makeup Bag (



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