Friday, December 26, 2014

Fragrance Frenzy: Because of You by Jordin Sparks

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Welcome to another addition of Fragrance Frenzy! Today, we will be reviewing a perfume by American Idol Winner and international recording artist Jordin Sparks. This is definitely a great gift idea for those who are looking to get their friends a cute, inexpensive fragrance for daily use. It is one the more feminine and sweet scents that I have encountered — which isn’t a surprise considering the incredible Jordin Sparks is the name behind the face. Here is the review:

A fragrance set of Because of You costs $23.95 at Amazon (can be found here). The product is described as “distinct, innovative, elegant, and subtle, this fragrance offers a long lasting sensuality. It celebrates the renaissance of extreme femininity and power of spontaneous emotion.” The scent can definitely be described as both floral and subtle, like a mix of Fancy by Jessica Simpson andLaundry by Shelli Segal. However, the scent can be very underwhelming at points. I give the scent a3.75/5.


The two photos above are of the box that the perfume is found in and the bottle itself. As you can see, the bottle is placed in a metallic pink colored packaged with golden inscriptions. The back of the box shows a beautiful campaign photograph of Ms. Jordin Sparks. In relation to the bottle, it utilizes stain glass techniques to create a gradient affect, where the bottom of the bottle is pink while the top is clear. A single bottle carries 2.5 fl. oz. of fragrance. All in all, I give the packaging a fair 4.25/5. However, I do wish that the box and bottle had more details.

The photos above can be found here. All in all, I feel that this fragrance does fare well, especially considering I purchased my bottle for less than $8. It has a very well-balanced mixture of femininity and delicacy. However, it does seem to be a bit underwhelming in scent and its packaging leaves a bit to be desired. All in all, I give this fragrance a 4/5 or a B.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

(My) Everyday Makeup Routine for Very Dark Skin

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I am so sorry for being MIA for the last couple of months. As a little recap, I have been busy working for my new job at Behind the LOOK, applying to college, schoolwork, extracurricular activities and working as a freelance fashion journalist for different magazines and websites. However, I am back with an exciting edition of Makeup Madness! Today, I will be showing you my everyday makeup routine. This makeup look is great for women with Very Dark Skin (particularly, women who are a MAC Shade NW55 or darker). Let’s go to the tutorial!


Step 1: Apply a thin layer of medium-coverage foundation all over the face using either a makeup sponge or stippling brush. I used MAC Matchmaster Foundation in the shade 9.5.

Step 2: Highlight under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the chin with a lighter colored concealer in order to add dimension to the face. I used Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer in Extra Deep

Step 3: Dust a black, matte eye shadow to use as a base in order to make the colors appear darker. Then, sweep a medium brown shimmer eye shadow all over the lid. Finally, mix the deep brown shade and the black matte shadow and use as a crease color to add more dimension to the eye. I used three shades in the Sephora Enchanting 14 Eye Shadow Palette.

Step 4: Line the waterline and tightline with a black eyeliner. Then, use that same eyeliner to create a small cat eye on both eyes. I used the Wet and Wild Brow and Eyeliner in Black.

Step 5: Put one or two coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes to add length and volume to your eyelashes. Use a dark brown shade in order to keep the look casual. I used the Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara in Brown Black.


Step 6: Use a red-tone dark brown cream foundation to contour the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. Then, use a similarly toned eyeshadow to set the cream foundation. I used Ruby Kisses Cosmetics 3D Face Creator in Level 16 and MAC Eyeshadow in Embark.

Step 7: Set the foundation and concealer with a dark brown face powder. I used MAC Studio Fix in NW58.

Step 8: Use a coco-colored lipstick and dark brown lip gloss to add a fun, natural pop to the lips. I used Covergirl Continuos Color Lipstick in Coco Blush and Black Radiance Radiant Lipgloss in Mocha Madness.

Step 9: Finally, I used a makeup setting spray to give my face a dewy finish. I used MAC Fix+ Makeup Setting Spray.

Stay tuned for my next post and I am so happy to be back!!!

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Exciting News - NAKED 3 Palette Giveaway!!!

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If you follow me on Twitter, than you know that I recently have been hired as a professional fashion/beauty blogger and fashion correspondent of Behind the LOOK. Behind the LOOK is a TV program that broadcasts every Tuesday at 10 pm on BFSTV in New York and is described as "celebrating the creators of today's beauty trends and cultures." As a way to support my new workplace, and a big thank you to all of my followers who made this possible, I'm hosting a giveaway!

Photo Courtesy of Makeup By TiffanyD

The NAKED 3 palette is described as "12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals from Urban Decay. From pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with red micro-glitter, these neutrals will make you want to get Naked all over again." 

The following swatch is from Head to Toe. As you can see, the palette includes a vast array of rose gold-toned hues from a light, champagne shade to a deep black with red micro-glimmer. Here is an in-depth review of each shade. 


Each of the following actions result in one submission into the giveaway:

1. Like Behind the LOOK on Facebook 

2. Follow @BehindtheLookNY on Twitter

Each of the following actions result in two submissions into the giveaway: 

3. Follow Behind The Look on Wordpress 

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Each of the following actions result in five submissions in the giveaway:

1. Post a blog post about this giveaway

Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 

Strange - A pale, neutral pink matte-satin 

Dust - A pale, metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter 

Burnout - A light, pinky-peach satin

Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 

Liar - A medium metallic mauve shimmer.

Nooner - A medium pinky-brown matte.

Factory - A pinky-brown satin.

Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 

Buzz - A metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter.

Trick - A light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle.

Limit - A light dusty rose matte.

Photo Courtesy of Temptalia 

Mugshot - A metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift.

Blackheart - A smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle.

Darkside - A deep taupe-mauve satin.

I personally purchased the palette in this giveaway, and I hereby remove any liability from Urban Decay or Sephora. The giveaway will start on September 13 and ends on December 1, 2014.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Designer Decoding: Cesar Galindo

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It has been a very long time since I posted a segment in my extensive “Designer Decoding” series, and since New York Fashion Week is only five weeks away, I feel that now is the perfect time to reinvigorate the series. For today’s installment of Designer Decoding, I am introducing a designer that I not only admire due to his great talent, but whose work I had the great pleasure of photographing during his Fall/Winter 2014 collection for my blog. Today, I shall be highlighting the work of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week veteran and the current CZAR of fashion, Cesar Galindo.

Photo can be found here

Cesar Galindo has a very interesting origin for his designing background. Galindo, born in Houston, Texas and the youngest of eleven children, began his extensive career in fashion through costume designing. His specialty included corsets and other Victorian period costumes for both the Miami City Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera. Galindo’s designs are distinguishable through his use of “femininity, social occasion dresses, architecturally draped hems and necklines and a rich color palette”.

Photos can be found here

The photo above comes from the most recent Spring/Summer collection, and presents a brilliant utilization of silk fabric and bold colors. This collection combined ready-to-wear staples and evening wear, as it belongs to his CZAR line. The first gown, with is bright red shade and deep blue, triangular center shows Galindo’s great talent for working with pleats. The third look, a monochromatic gradient of blue, shows Galindo’s ultimate technique for draping. Finally, the center look shows that Galindo can still create simple silhouettes that show off a woman’s natural beauty.

Photos can be found here 

The photo above comes from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection, a presentation that I had the greatest honor of attending (the post can be found here). This collection also belonged to the Czar brand, and consisted of ready-to-wear pieces along with semi-formal wear. Now, due to the fact that I have an entire post dedicated to the this particular collection, I will not go into heavy detail about the looks. However, what I can say is that Galindo was able to combine soft fabrics, such as silk and chiffon, along with heavier materials, such as furs and leather, to create a collection of cohesive outfits. The collection also showed Galindo’s talent for creating printed works, particularly with the gowns and graphic jeans.

Photo can be found here

The following three looks are my personal favorites for his past collections. The first look, a gold and black romper paired with golden sandals, appeared in his spring 2013 collection. I am particularly impressed by the perfect fit along with the use of print to create a very flattering silhouette.

Photo can be found here

The second look, a midi-length, all white dress with a plunging V-Neck, appeared in his spring 2012 collection. For this look, I am heavily impressed with his selection of the model, as the ivory shade of the dress pops on her caramel-toned skin. Along with the contrast, the actual dress is a prime example of Galindo sticking to the ultimate fashion mantra: sexy and simple.

Photo can be found here

This final look comes from the spring 2010 evening collection by Cesar Galindo and presents his skills in construction to the world. The dress acts similarly to the white gown from his Spring 2012 collection due to the fact that it is a bold color placed on a very dark-skinned model, however, the constructed one-shoulder design is absolutely exhilarating. This is by far my favorite look of all of his recent collections.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Style Savvy: 4 Summer Fashion Outfit Inspirations

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Here is my second edition of the seasonal Style Savvy Outfit Inspirations! Today, I will be showing you multiple different ways to dress for the warm summer months while retaining a similar style. As a fashion blogger, I have spent the last year trying to discover my own personal style through experimenting with different trends and closet staples. Through all of my studies, I have found that there is a wide assortment styles, from the dark, punk-inspired roots of Debbie Harry to the classic femininity of Audrey Hepburn, everyone has their own style. So, let’s get to the post:

1. Casual

This look is perfect for the girl who loves to match style and comfort into the perfect, everyday summertime attire. The all-around staple for the summer months are jean cutoff shorts, as there short length elongates one’s legs while allowing one to stay cool in the heat. A sleeveless wrap top adds a hint of class and beauty to the ensemble, while a pair of light brown sandals are another summer staple. Neutral makeup, chunky sunglasses and a bold handbag finish off this classic summer look with both comfort and beauty.

I had to channel my Gossip Girl routes in order to create this Blair Waldorf inspired ensemble. Every Park Avenue Princess has to own her own floral print, A-line dress in order to scroll down the paved sidewalks of the Hamptons. A pair of heeled oxfords and a flimsy sunhat completes this Fahrenheit friendly ensemble, while a chunky designer tote and rose-gold accessories add a hint of sophistication. Finally, rose colored lips and cheeks along with luscious lashes will have you all ready for a summer to remember!

For this look, I recycled a dress that was used in my last Style Savvy report, but removed the cardigan and scarf in favor for more weather appropriate attire. For this look, a brown colored weaved belt and similarly colored sandals prove perfect for a less heavy look. For accessories, use an organic tone backpack, a couple of homemade bracelets, chunky sunglasses and dangling earrings in order to add a slightly more bohemian look. In order to complete a suitable makeup look, I suggest an icy-colored pink lipstick shade along with a light pink dust of color on the cheeks.

Now, this is by far my favorite look of the entire collection. In my wildest dreams, I picture myself as a trendsetting fashionista on the same level of Carrie Bradshaw and Aria Montgomery. In my humble opinion, a structured romper is one of the most fashion forward summer outfits that one can don in this day in age, along with a bold colored belt and matching tote. For the windy summer nights, I suggest a floral printed blazer to add more warmth to the sleeveless ensemble, along with a pair of bold stilettos (such as the zebra print pair above). For accessories, I suggest a golden watch and matching earrings along with sheer sunglasses to add some spunk to the look. Finally, for the makeup, I suggest a sexy dark-brown smokey eye and nude lips to add a splash of sex appeal.

Please tell me your favorite look below!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Arabic-Inspired Navy Blue Smokey Eye

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I just uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel where I show a step by step tutorial on how to create Arabic Inspired Navy Blue Smokey Eye. In this tutorial, I used a lot of products that I have either featured or reviewed on this blog in the past. You guys should check it out:

Please watch the video and tell me what you think! I’m still super new to YouTube and I could really use my tips on how to improve my videos and its content. For those of you who prefer written instructions, I will also created a blog post tutorial on this look in a few days. If you like that video, feel free to subscribe to my channel with the link below:

Thank you so much for reading!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Made A YouTube Channel !!!

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I recently have been blessed and was able to receive a Canon Rebel T3i as a birthday/late Christmas present. The camera is one of the best DSLR’s for taking both pictures and HD quality videos. Due to finally having such a high quality camera, I decided to create a YouTube Channel!

My channel will pretty much be an extension of my blog – your everyday access to makeup tutorials, beauty tips, pairing videos and anything else that can come to mind. I will still be updating my blogs as well. Please feel free to subscribe to my channel:

Please feel free to request any future posts or videos for my channel!

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lupita Nyong'o Inspired Silver and Blue Makeup + New Haircut

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I decided to show a quick tutorial on this celebrity inspired makeup look. For past six months, Ms. Lupita Amondi Nyong’o has taken the acting and fashion world by storm with her magnificent beauty, incredible acting abilities and perfect eye for fashion. From her red, caped Ralph Lauren gown at the Golden Globe Awards to her turquoise Gucci, tight fitting silhouette – Lupita has aced it all. About a month ago, she arrived at the MTV Movie Awards in a rainbow-colored, tea length Chanel dress with a beautiful silver-light blue smokey eye. I couldn’t stop myself from creating the same look. Here we go:

1. Add a black base in order to ensure the shadows appear dark and truly “smokey”. I used Milani Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear in Black Ink.

2. Add a shimmery black eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eyes. Then, add a navy blue shadow to the inner lid of the eye and a silver highlight in the corner of the eye. Finally, add a light bronze shadow as a brow bone highlight I used Sephora Enchanting Eye Palette

3. Use a black liquid liner to create an intense cat-eye to add a sleek shape to the eyes. I used Forever 21 Liquid Eyeliner.

4. Highlight with a medium-brown highlighter under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and on the chin. Contour using an intense black-brown shadow in the hollows of the cheek-bones. I used theEstee Lauder Double Wear Concealer in Extra Deep and MAC Eyeshadow in Embark

5. Finally, dust a pink-tone brown, shimmery blush on the cheek bones in order to add a light flare to the face. I used Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in The Siren

New Lupita Nyong’o Inspired Haircut 

For the last month or so, I had been wearing a glued-in, cap weave that I had installed for Junior Prom. However, I decided that I would try to go natural after countless pleas from my mother and hairstylist. All in all, I am quite happy with the results. While I still do not quite love the short hair look on myself, I do feel that this hair is quite manageable. 

<3 Naa

P.S. Stay tuned for my prom post in the near future!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Hair Cut: Rihanna-Inspired Bob

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Today, I’m going to take a quick break from my New York Fashion Week post in order to make a quick post about my new hair! Now, I didn’t actually plan on getting my hair cut, but the undeniably freezing weather made my hair super dry, causing massive breakage. I pretty much was given the option to cut it all off or have it fall off. But here are the results:

This is just a few other photos on how it looks from side view:

In my opinion, the cut itself is very nice, however, I really miss my medium-length hair. I really feel as if it slimmed down my slightly chubby face-but I will just embrace the new cut until I can either grow it out or get a weave. 

Love You All!!!

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Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week: Celebrity Meet Ups!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I just wanted to do a quick post today for my lovely viewers – and this post is so exciting to make. Basically, when I got to fashion week, not only were my eyes on the incredible clothing and makeup, but I also scanned the front rows for recognizable faces (celeb stalking)!!!

Here I am with AnnaSophia Robb right after the Rebecca Minkoff Show – I totally fan girled! I wasn’t originally invited to this show, but I was able to get in through by a standing room ticket.

Now, this picture has a hilarious story! The Nautica show was another show that I wasn’t actually invited to, but due to the magic of standing room, I was able to access backstage. While randomly interviewing and taking pictures of random models, I met up with this really nice guy. We started to talk about his career, his past and other little things when he asked if I wanted to get a picture with him. It wasn’t until I posted the photo on Facebook did I realize that the guy was Kellan Lutz!

This was a picture that I took of Gregg Asher right after the Carmen Marc Valvo show.

Now, any of you who have followed me in the last few months know about my undying obsession with Gossip Girl – now imagine my surprise when Kelly Rutherford, or THE LILY VAN DER WOODSEN, was backstage at Vivienne Tam. I almost died when I got the chance to take a picture of one of my fashion idols!

<3 Naa

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week: David Tlale Overview

Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to my fourth post about my experience at New York Fashion Week. Today I will be posting about the incredible collection by David Tlale. Now, the beauty of fashion week is that you sometimes are able to get into shows that you weren’t originally invited to. This was the case for my experience at the David Tlale show, as I was given a spare invitation from a very kind friend. This show took place at the Pavilion, a more intimate setting similar to that of Milk Studios located at Lincoln Center. 

Music: The David Tlale had the most soft, alluring music of all the shows that I was able to attend. I wish that I could have asked the editor who composed the pieces, as it was absolutely beautiful. Imagine living in a majestic world of faeries who wore amazing clothing – this was the David Tlale show. The mix of beautiful piano pieces and strong ballads emphasized the femininity of the collection. 

Beauty: Brows, brows brows!!! I couldn’t help but notice that one of the consistent factors of the show were full, strong brows with a prominent arch. Along with this, the models were also given a subtle makeup look with excess amounts of highlighter and bronzer to add dimension to the face. The hairstyles were very sleek, all of which led to a very soft and feminine appeal. 

Clothing: Now, time to get the most important aspect of every fashion show: the clothing! This collection was absolutely amazing. Unlike the Czar or Ostwald Helgason collection, David Tlale’s clothing had very little to no masculine themes — the clothing screamed classic femininity through the use of soft fabrics, flowing silhouettes and tasteful sequin. The clothing were excellently created, however, there wasn’t too much concentration on construction. All in all, I am in awe of the collection – even if my personal preference calls for a few more edgy accessories. 

This is just a photo of what I wore to the show. I really love the intricacy of the tweed trench coat and the bright pop of color found in the red sweater. Also, remember that my giveaway for a LORAC Pro Palette is still open here!!!!

<3 Naa