Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Party Makeup Tutorial: Green Smokey Eye

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I can't believe that it's only two days until Christmas! This year has gone so fast, and I just wanted to say that I am so thankful for everyone in my life, including all of you. I love you all and I just want you all to know how amazing that you are! Now, for today I am going to show you a makeup tutorial for a festive party. I love Christmas parties and having to use red and greens to create different looks! Now, let's get to the tutorial:

The look above is a before and after of the look. Here are the steps of the look:

Start off with a clean base by cleansing your face with a facial cleanser. This will make sure that your face does not hold any impurities and help protect your skin from blackheads and breakouts. 

The first step in order to gain this look is place masking tape on the ends of your eyes in order to create a sharp, clean line for your shadow. Then, add a black base in order to darken the colors of your shadow. I use the Milani Cosmetics Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear in Black Ink as the base. 

The second step in order to gain this look is to add a medium green eyeshadow all over the lid to the intensity that you desire. Then, add a medium gray shadow in the crease to add dimension to the lip. Finally, add a matte black shadow in the outer V of the eye for a sultry smokey eye. The green shadow comes from this Almay Intense I-Color Trio, while I found the black shadow in a single Wet N' WIld Shadow in Black. 

The final step for the eyes is to add a black liquid liner on the top lash line to add a cat eye affect. Then, a black kohl liner should be used under the eye and on the waterline. Finally, a light brown shimmering shadow is put on the brow bone as a highlight while two coats of mascara are put on the top lashes. 

This picture shows how the finish look appears in both artificial light and natural light, respectively. This sultry smokey eye is perfect for any night festivity, as it adds a certain mystery to the eyes. For tomorrow, I will post a look with an iconic red lip. I love you all and Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Style Savvy: 4 Holiday Party Outfits

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Sorry that I have been able to post for a few days, I have been so busy with getting caught up on work. But now marks the first day of WINTER BREAK and I’m so excited for the upcoming holidays. Now, for the next week of so, many of you will be going to the annual pattern of events known as holiday parties. It can be a little difficult to determine what to wear at these events, so today, I have compiled a list of outfits that would be perfect for the outing. 

1. Holiday Party Outfit: Gold Glitter

This look is perfect for any girl who wants to be the center of attention. Sequin is a great, bold finish for those who want a wearable shine to their ensemble. The flared, tulle skirt of the dress is both flattering by minimizing the waist and adding shape to the hips for a more hourglass figure. A plain black belt can be added to the look to once again minimize the waist. Finally, black tights, sky-high stilettos and a deep red lip complete this holiday show stopper!

2. Holiday Party Outfit: White With a Kick

Some girls love to mix minimization with exaggeration, which is the exact description of this ensemble. By matching this plain, white dress with a golden belt and red pumps, the accessories are the main players in the look. A gold necklace, with a matching belt and bangle set, we keep the color scheme consistent. Finally, a red lip and bronzed skin finish off this look with simplicity and bold glamour. 

3. Holiday Party Outfit: Dark and Sophisticated

Now, this is for my girls who enjoy a deep, mysterious wardrobe for the holidays. By adding a beautiful black dress with some form of design, such as this starlit-sky inspired look, with a beautiful black trench coat, you add a sensual, flattering look. Silver accessories are a must when going for a more sophisticated look, so a silver chain necklace and matching earrings are a must. Finally, a sultry smokey eye with deep purples and pinks finish off this look. 

4. Holiday Party Outfit: Classic Beauty

When a person thinks of the holidays, the first image that comes to mind is the iconic red dress. This beautiful little number, that only costs $20.00 at Forever 21, is the perfect dress for women of any body type. Staying of the trend of gold accessories, this dress is matched with golden heels and a beautiful wristwatch. A black blazer with leather accents adds an edge to your outfit, while a matching red and gold clutch finishes off the clothing. A neutral eye and bright red lip completes this classic holiday look for the party of your life!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dream Christmas Wish-List: Fashion and Beauty Blogger Style

Hey Everyone!!!

I can believe that it is only one week until Christmas! I absolutely love the holidays, especially when it comes to spending time with your loved ones and enjoying each other’s company.Throughout the year, I love saving money in order to buy both myself and other’s Christmas gifts. I just love the feeling of going to the store and looking for that perfect gift. Today, I am showing you my dream holiday wish-list that all pertain to my fashion/beauty blog. Enjoy!


1. Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)

This is an object that every single professional blogger should have in their collection. Sadly, I only own SLR cameras which do not give the same quality of pictures that I hope for. For Christmas, my two dream camera or either a Nikon D5100 with a 18-55 mm lens or a Canon EOS Rebel T3 12.2 MP with a 18-55 mm lens.

2. A Smartphone

Now, while a DSLR and laptop are both essential tools for a fashion or beauty blogger, the camera can be much too large in order to bring at all times. Also, there may be times when a blogger has to post from a location in which they do not have this item. A smart phone with 4G is perfect, as not only is the camera superior to other cell phones, however you can use the internet as you please. My dream smart phone is a Samsung Galaxy 4S with 4G.


1. Lorac PRO Palette

The Lorac PRO Palette, which retails for $42.00 at Ulta, is the perfect mix of shimmering neutrals and metallic smokey colors. I love the texture of the shadows from my Lorac Unzipped palette, so I feel that this palette would be the perfect addition to my growing collection. 

2. Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Makeup Brushes

I have to go out and say that I love Samantha Chapman of Pixiwoo! I never thought she could be more perfect until she became one of the first Youtube Beauty gurus to go mogul and create her own line of affordable makeup brushes. I own only a dome shadow brush from the colleciton, and would love to own the Real Techniques Core Collection brushes. The photo below came here.


1.BEBE Contrast Trim Trench Coat

For the winter months, I am absolutely in love on concentrating on minimalism on my wardrobe while using exaggerated outerwear to make any look glamourous (think Gossip Girl). The BEBE Contrast Trim Trench coat, which retails for $139.00 at Bebe Stores, is a beautiful trench coat that adds drama to any look. 

2. Fashion Gift Cards to Affordable Clothing Stores

Now, I love receiving gift cards to different stores during the holidays. It’s a thoughtful gift that does not need to be wrapped in an extravagant package. However, a $10 gift card to a store likeWhite House Black Market won’t buy you anything significant sadly. By giving gift cards for affordable stores, you are able to gain a larger assortment of items. Some of my top stores areForever 21, Agaci, and Payless

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My: Makeup Crazy

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Today I am doing another installment of Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My! This time, I will be profiling a blog which creates different makeup looks for all occasions: Makeup Crazy. This young lady is such a kind spirit and has an absolutely beautiful face. Here is an in-depth view of her site:

This is Lucy from Makeup Crazy. You can find and follow her blog here. Lucy is a talented young lady that uses inspirations from nature, celebrities and holidays in order to create beautiful makeup looks. Lucy says that her blog are for those who “don’t want to wear the same makeup look everyday”. Her looks go from neutral, everyday colors to avant-garde creations. Here is some of her work:

Makeup Crazy BFF Tage Makeup Look

This is just a very small variety of Lucy’s looks. Like the other bloggers that I have profiled, her blog is regularly updated in order to make new looks (which is impressive due to her huge array of looks already)! To me, Lucy is different then other makeup bloggers due to the vast array of different looks she creates: no two looks are the same. PLEASE FOLLOW HER BLOG HERE!!!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Palette Palooza: Best High-End and Drugstore Neutral Palettes

Hey Everyone!!!

I have decided to start a new series known as Palette Palooza in which I show my favorite High-End and Drugstore Palettes for certain looks. I am someone who loves palettes, and I am so excited to share my favorite palettes with you. So let’s starte Palette Palooza:

High-End Palettes

The photos above can be found here and here. The Naked Basics Palette retails for $27.00 at Sephora. The shades found in the palette are Venus (a matte, off-white), Foxy (cream bisque matte), Walk of Shame (a nude, beige shade), Naked2 (a matte taupe), Faint (a warm, matte brown) and Crave (an intense matte brown-black). 

The photo above can be found here and here. The Lorac Unzipped Palette retails for $40.00. The shades found in this palette are a mix of matte, satin and shimmering neutrals. The shades on top are Undercover (a matte, off-white), Unbelievable (a shimmering, pink-toned shade), Unattainable (a deep champagne color with shimmer), Unconditional (a true, matte pink), Unbridled (a brown-toned, matte burgundy shade). The shades on the bottom are Undiscovered (a shimmering, true gold), Unreal (a shimmering, gold-toned pink), Uncensored (a medium colored brown with gold shimmer), Unspoken (a medium colored matte brown), and Untamed (a deep, dark brown with gold shimmer). 

The photos above can be found here and here. The NUDE ‘tude Palette retails for $36.00 at Sephora. The shades on the top of the palette are Sassy (a shimmering, pure white), Stubborn (a beautiful, peach shade), Selfish (a gray-tone taupe with a shimmering finish), Sophisticated (a deep bronze-toned shade with gold shimmer), Sexy (a beautiful, matte burgundy shade), and Serious (a matte, true black). The shades that are on the bottom are Snobby (a yellow-toned gold tone with shimmer), Stand-offish (a peach-toned gold shade with shimmer), Sultry (a light brown shade with a metallic finish), Seductive (a true, gold shade with shimmer), Silly (a brown-toned bronze shade with a metallic finish) and Sleek (a matte dark brown shade). 


The photos above can be found here . The i-Divine Palette in Au Naturel retails $9.99 at Sleek Makeup. Sleek Makeup cosmetics are on par with MAC Cosmetics in terms of quality. The swatches above how pigmented the shades are. My favorite shades in the palette are definitely Conker, Regal, Bark and Noir. 

The photo above is the NYX 10 Color Palette in Champagne & Caviar is a beautiful 10-color palette that retails for $10.00 at Cherry Culture. This palette comes in a large variety of neutral shades with differing finishes. The colors look absolutely incredible on those with a warm skin tone. 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Beauty Babble: SEPHORA COLLECTION Enchanting Eye Palette Swatches, Review + Two Looks

Hey Everyone!!!

I am so excited because today I’m doing a makeup review! I am someone who does not like to review a product until a few months of use, as I feel that a product cannot be completely judged in one use. I had received this makeup palette a few months ago, and I feel that I have enough use out of it to give a truthful review. Here we go:

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Enchanting Eye Palette retails for $22.00 and is sold exclusively at Sephora location throughout the world. The palette holds 14 shades of matte, satin and metallic finishes. The shadows come in a sleek, silver fabric wrapped box with a large mirror. The shades come in both beautiful neutrals and bold colors. Here are how the swatches appear on myskin (my MAC shade is NW58 and my Iman shade is Earth 7):

Shades 4, 5, 6 and 1 (a deep navy blue shadow with a matte finish, a light baby blue shadow with a shimmer finish, a silver shadow with white shimmer and a matte indigo shadow). 

Shades 12, 9, 7 and 8 (a pale pink shade with white shimmer, a pale gold shade with gold shimmer, a deep purple shade with a shimmer finish and a deep green olive shade with gold shimmer).

Shades 10, 14, 13 and 11 (a dark brown with a matte finish, a pure white with a pearl finish, a deep true black with a matte finish, and a light brown with gold shimmer). 

Shades 2 and 3 (a light pink-based purple with a metallic finish and a light champagne shade with white shimmer).

Two Looks made from the SEPHORA Collection Enchanting Eye Palette

Day Look

This eye look was created by a mix of shades 13 (a true, matte black) and shade 10 (a deep, dark matte brown) being used as a contour in the crease. Shade 11 (a light brown with a gold shimmer) was then added to the brow bone to create a natural highlight. I then tightlined my eyes with a black liner and used mascara on the top lashes. 

This look was created by using shade 13 (a true black with a matte finish) as a base. Shade 2 ( a light violet with a shimmer finish) is then added to the lid while shade 7 ( a deep violet with a shimmer finish) is added to the crease. Finally, shade 11 is once again used as a brow bone highlight. Finally, I lined all around my eyes with a true black liner and used two coats of mascara. 

Final Grades

Pigmentation – 3.5/5

Packaging- 4/5

Variety – 4.5/5

Overall Grade : 4/5 or B

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My: Amriaa's Blog

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This is the second installment of Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My! Today, I will be giving a spotlight to one of the first blogs that I followed when I started my fashion blog: Amriaa's Blog. This young woman is absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly talented in makeup (especially eyeshadow)! Here is an in-depth look into her blog:

This is Maria from Amriaa's Blog. You can find and follow her blog here. Maria is an stunning young lady who not only shows proficiency in fashion-related endeavors, but who is also a Medical-School student. I was so surprised when I learned that Maria was not a full time blogger, as her pictures are so clear while her work looks professional. Maria posts about fashion, makeup and hair tutorials. Here is some of her work:

Amriaa's Blog Christmas Look

Above are just a very small assortment of Amriaa's Makeup Tutorials! Her blog is regurarly updated, so you don't have to worry about waiting weeks for a new post. Once again, due to the holiday season I want to see if we can get Amriaa to 900 FOLLOWERS BY JANUARY 1ST!!!! Please follow her blog here and her Facebook page here

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Top 5 Famous Designers

Hey Everyone!!!

I decided that after telling you all my favorite makeup brands, I wanted to make a post about my favorite designers! I am so excited to share this post with you all, and I worked really hard to make this post. This post will be about my favorite famous designers, and will include the following: the most recent spring and fall collections, my all time favorite celebrity look and my all time favorite runway look. Here we go: 

5. Victoria Beckham

The photos above can be found here and here. These come from the Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2014 collection from the most recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. I am absolutely in love with this collection, as the clothing is absolutely classic and sophisticated. My favorite look is definitely the pink and white ensemble on the far right of the first photo. The triangular print on the top along with the flared A-line skirt and white belt look absolutely incredible. 

The photos above can be found here and here. These come from the Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 collection. These collection concentrated on outerwear and work clothing due to the season. I am in love with the use of deep colors and neutrals in the collection. My favorite piece of this collection is definitely the gray midi length dress on the right hand side of the last photo. The simplicity of the silhouette and the slit add the perfect balance of sophistication and sex appeal. 

The photo can be found here. The photos above are just a collection of celebrities who have been spotted wearing clothing from the Victoria Beckham line. I did not have a particular favorite celebrity or runway look of the line, so I chose not to include any. 

4. Herve Leger

The photos above can be found here and here. These looks come from the Herve Leger by Max Azria Spring/Summer 2014 collection. This collection was based on bronze undertones, with the clothing consisting of many metallic colors. As the Leader of the Bandage dresses, I am in love with Herve! My favorite look of this collection has to be the second look on the first photo, as the mix of silver fabric and leather trim is just so visually interesting. 

The photos above can be found here and here. Herve completely revamped there aesthetic in the Fall/Winter 2013 collection by adding different silhouettes other than the iconic bandage dress. The creation of outerwear, tops and pants show the versatility of Max Azria. My favorite look of this collection must be the wine colored midi in the second photograph. Not only do I love the piece itself, but the styling with the black boots and matching belt is perfection. 

Miranda Kerr can be seen here in classic Herve Leger at the Victoria Secret store launch in NYC (photos can be found here). This dress is so incredible in its simplicity. By matching the tight silhouette with a midi length, the dress stays sexy without becoming vulgar. The color also looks incredible on Miranda’s radiant skin. 

The photo above can be found here. This dress appeared in the Fall 2012 collection, and is unique for its floor length and outerwear. This dress is a complete show stopper, especially through the black vest made of leather straps. I can’t exactly tell why, but this has to be my favorite piece of all. 

3. Marchesa

The photos above can be found here and here. This comes from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection Marchesa. This designer is the epitome of classic, feminine pieces (the duo designed Blair Waldorf’s prom dress)!!! My favorite dress is the second one on the first photo, as I love the mix of a white feather-lace top and plain black pencil skirt. 

The photos above can be found here, here and here. These were found in the Fall/Winter 2013 collection, and concentrate on more dramatic, Victorian-esque pieces in comparison to its Spring counterpart. I love the absolute drama of all the pieces through exaggerated volumes and deep colors. My favorite piece has to be the red long sleeved high low dress on the second photo. It actually reminds me of a kimono with the long cape!

The photo above is of Olivia Wilde in Marchesa during the 2011 Golden Globe Awards (photo found here). The gradient affect of golden sequin to black tulle emulates a beautiful night sky. Long, straight hair and a plum smokey eye completes this look which in my opinion put Ms. Wilde as the best dressed of the entire event. 

The photos above can be found here. I fell in love with dress due to the incredible chain body on the front of the gown. If I could chose to emulate any style, it would definitely be this incredible gown. 

2. Versace

The photos above can be found here. These looks all come from the Versace Spring 2014 collection at Milan Fashion Week. I love the rock n’ roll look that Versace embraced during this colleciton. The leather accents and outerwear add a tough edge to the looks found in this collection. My favorite look has to be first look on the second photo (you may recognize it from Selena Gomez found here). It has such an incredible amount of sex appeal with the black color and cutouts, along with a little bandage detail. 

The photos above can be found here and here. These are all from the Versace Fall/Winter 2013 Milan Fashion Week show. The looks here are vintage Versace-inspired with a large amount of leather, tight-fitting silhouettes and exaggerated outerwear. My favorite look is definitely the second dress in the third photo, as I love the sequin sheer dress with the plain black slip. 

Once again, this is just an assortment of celebrities who have been seen wearing Versace throughout the years. I have not single favorite look from Versace, as I have a love for there aesthetic as a whole. The photo above can be found here

1. Zuhair Murad

The photos above can be found here. They all appeared in the Ready-to-Wear Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 show. I had originally put Versace as my Number 1 famous designer of all time, however, I realized that I kept on returning to Murad. His clothing are all show-stoppers; pieces that take your breath away. My favorite look above is the second to last dress on the second photo. the long sleeved simple white dress is accented by the gold sequined neckline. 

The photos above can be found here. These all appeared in the Fall/Winter Haute Couture 2013 show. Due to the nature of the runway, the dresses are even more dramatic then before. My favorite piece is the first look on the second photo. Even though the jumpsuit is quite revealing, the sequin is just so incredible. The large gray vest adds even more drama to the look. 

The photo above can be found here. It shows Taylor Swift at the 2012 Grammy Awards in a beautiful Haute Couture Zuhair Murad dress. This golden dress is absolutely stunning, especially with the high neckline and gold sequins. The hair and makeup on Taylor is so sophisticated and chic, giving this dress an A+!!!

The photos above can be found here and here. I don’t know why more people don’t wear capes to the red carpet, as I feel that when executed correctly, they can look spectacular! Both of these gowns tie as my favorite pieces by Murad, as they both take some form of inspiration from Grecian goddesses. The beauty just shows why Murad is my favorite designer!!!

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