Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Hair Cut: Rihanna-Inspired Bob

Hey Everyone!!!

Today, I’m going to take a quick break from my New York Fashion Week post in order to make a quick post about my new hair! Now, I didn’t actually plan on getting my hair cut, but the undeniably freezing weather made my hair super dry, causing massive breakage. I pretty much was given the option to cut it all off or have it fall off. But here are the results:

This is just a few other photos on how it looks from side view:

In my opinion, the cut itself is very nice, however, I really miss my medium-length hair. I really feel as if it slimmed down my slightly chubby face-but I will just embrace the new cut until I can either grow it out or get a weave. 

Love You All!!!

<3 Naa

Friday, February 21, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week: Celebrity Meet Ups!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

I just wanted to do a quick post today for my lovely viewers – and this post is so exciting to make. Basically, when I got to fashion week, not only were my eyes on the incredible clothing and makeup, but I also scanned the front rows for recognizable faces (celeb stalking)!!!

Here I am with AnnaSophia Robb right after the Rebecca Minkoff Show – I totally fan girled! I wasn’t originally invited to this show, but I was able to get in through by a standing room ticket.

Now, this picture has a hilarious story! The Nautica show was another show that I wasn’t actually invited to, but due to the magic of standing room, I was able to access backstage. While randomly interviewing and taking pictures of random models, I met up with this really nice guy. We started to talk about his career, his past and other little things when he asked if I wanted to get a picture with him. It wasn’t until I posted the photo on Facebook did I realize that the guy was Kellan Lutz!

This was a picture that I took of Gregg Asher right after the Carmen Marc Valvo show.

Now, any of you who have followed me in the last few months know about my undying obsession with Gossip Girl – now imagine my surprise when Kelly Rutherford, or THE LILY VAN DER WOODSEN, was backstage at Vivienne Tam. I almost died when I got the chance to take a picture of one of my fashion idols!

<3 Naa

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week: David Tlale Overview

Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to my fourth post about my experience at New York Fashion Week. Today I will be posting about the incredible collection by David Tlale. Now, the beauty of fashion week is that you sometimes are able to get into shows that you weren’t originally invited to. This was the case for my experience at the David Tlale show, as I was given a spare invitation from a very kind friend. This show took place at the Pavilion, a more intimate setting similar to that of Milk Studios located at Lincoln Center. 

Music: The David Tlale had the most soft, alluring music of all the shows that I was able to attend. I wish that I could have asked the editor who composed the pieces, as it was absolutely beautiful. Imagine living in a majestic world of faeries who wore amazing clothing – this was the David Tlale show. The mix of beautiful piano pieces and strong ballads emphasized the femininity of the collection. 

Beauty: Brows, brows brows!!! I couldn’t help but notice that one of the consistent factors of the show were full, strong brows with a prominent arch. Along with this, the models were also given a subtle makeup look with excess amounts of highlighter and bronzer to add dimension to the face. The hairstyles were very sleek, all of which led to a very soft and feminine appeal. 

Clothing: Now, time to get the most important aspect of every fashion show: the clothing! This collection was absolutely amazing. Unlike the Czar or Ostwald Helgason collection, David Tlale’s clothing had very little to no masculine themes — the clothing screamed classic femininity through the use of soft fabrics, flowing silhouettes and tasteful sequin. The clothing were excellently created, however, there wasn’t too much concentration on construction. All in all, I am in awe of the collection – even if my personal preference calls for a few more edgy accessories. 

This is just a photo of what I wore to the show. I really love the intricacy of the tweed trench coat and the bright pop of color found in the red sweater. Also, remember that my giveaway for a LORAC Pro Palette is still open here!!!!

<3 Naa

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week!: Czar by Cesar Galindo

Hey Everyone!!!

Today I will be writing my first post for a Mercedes-Benz Fashion show that I had the pleasure to attend -Czar by Cesar Galindo! Now, for those who obsessively followed all information even related to Fashion Week, then you would have noticed that many of the shows were sent to an off-site location known as The Hub at the Hudson Hotel. The “fashion show” was actually a live presentation of the collection. Here we go with the overview:

Beauty: Unlike the Ostwald Helgason show, which contained very subtle makeup with sleek hairstyles, the Cesar Galindo show presented a very bold accent of blue hair dye on each model with a strong bronze smokey eye. The look was the most intense of the shows that I was able to attend, which actual proved appropriate for the clothing. 

Clothing: The clothing was absolutely spectacular! The collection was similar to the Ostwald Helgason in the sense that both were metallic heavy, however, it was more concentrated on a classic sophistication with an androgynous tone. The collection was quite the mix of masculinity due to the constructed pants and jumpsuits, however, this only adds to the sex appeal. While I wasn’t completely in love with every piece from this collection, it was only because of my taste. The clothing itself was superb. 

This photo is just a selfie of my hair, makeup and outfit for one of the days – the dress is by Cynthia Rowley!!!

<3 Naa

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz/MADE Fashion Week: Ostwald Helgason Review

Hey Everyone!!!

I can’t tell you how amazing New York Fashion Week was! I met a plethora of amazing people, and attended 6 shows! To be only a teenager and be given such an amazing opportunity is absolutely incredible. Before I started to cover the shows, I wanted to make sure I gave myself optimal time to properly cover each show. On February 8th, I attended the Fall/Winter Ostwald Helgason show. In the photo above, you can see me and one half of the design team (Ingvar Helgason) posing in a pic (he is awesome!!!). Now, here are some pics of the shows: 

Music: This show had my favorite soundtrack of all the shows that I had the pleasure to attend. The music sounded like a underground remix of popular hip hop and techno music, which just highlighted the modern ambiance of the collection. I very quickly learned that music is a very important factor in creating a show, and the Ostwald Helgason show was incredibly well-versed in this fact. 

Beauty: The hair and makeup on the models was very sharp and sleek – with little to no bright colors or heavy product. All of the hair styles were either bone straight with a brilliant shine or slicked back in a sophisticated ponytail. This system allowed for the clothes to the stars of the show, as it should be. 

Clothing: I was completely in awe of the collection. Like most of the general population, I was not as knowledgeable about MADE fashion week in comparison to the more mainstream Mercedes-Benz counterpart. However, this collection (which was the only MADE show I was able to attend) completely blew me away with its futuristic aesthetic and clean cut silhouettes. I suggest this collection to any person who wish for modern clothing with a technology inspired twist. 

I was given the amazing opportunity to go backstage, and took this photo of the vision board of the collection. All in all, this collection was breath-taking, and I suggest that all bloggers should take the time to read about this superhero designer duo. 

<3 Naa

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Going to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (!): Desigual Overview

Hey Guys!!!

I’m so sorry for being MIA for so long – I had to get a huge amount of work done and I didn’t have any time to breath let alone blog! But now, I am back in the the swing of things and I have great news: I’ve been invited to cover Mercedes Benz and MADE Fashion Week! Today, I will be covering the Desigual fashion show. I was invited to the show, but unfortunately I was unable to make it on time due to the weather in NYC . However, I will be in New York tomorrow to attend some shows. Now, let’s get to the review!!!

Dots Galore

I’ve noticed that this season has been all about the prints – particularly polka dots! One of the defining characteristics of a Desigual fashion show is the light-hearted feel and bold aesthetic of all the clothing. I personally know that the use of polka dots can become very tacky, very quick. However, by incorporating the print into similar patterns, the outfits were made to be fun and funky instead of old and matronly. 

Mixed Prints

As I said previously, the Desigual show chose a very courageous route in mixing bold prints. I absolutely love breaking rules (I personally believe that there are no rules in fashion!) and feel that this was an ingenius strategy in creating beautiful clothing. I particularly love the third look down, which successfully mixes a rainbow floral print with a black-and-white polka dot print. I predict that bold, bright colors will become a huge trend for fall/winter this year. 


Now, you may want to avert your eyes if you can’t handle too much perfection; not only does this photo present the incredible Candice Swanepoel, but it shows her in this incredible trench coat-inspired dress. I am in love with the use of angular designs on this coat, as it adds an edgy feel to the relatively bubbly show. I would have to name this coat my favorite piece of the entire collection!

Now, both of these gowns share a similar design inspired by swirling leaves and rose. I love the use of foiled gold and maxi length in the first gown, however, it is the second gowns deep red color on the model’s beautiful skin that truly entrances me. All in all, I was more than impressed by the Desigual collection. I was a little wary due to the knowledge that Desigual’s main strength is bright colors, a trend usually found in Spring. However, they were able to strategize in order to make Winter appropriate attire with these colors. 

<3 Naa