Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fashion Fanatic: Constance Billiard School For Girls Style Transformation

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Welcome to today’s special edition of Fashion Fanatic! This time, instead of showing my top 5 favorite outfits from a TV series, I will be showing the transformation in style of one of the most influential fictional high schools of all time: Constance Billiard School for Girls of Manhattan, NYC. In the same way that characters change and develop throughout a series, the style reflects that growth. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at these outfits:

Season 1 and 2: The Reign of Blair Waldorf – Preppy Chic

The photos above can be found here and here. All hail the original Queen B of Constance and all of the Upper East Side, Ms. Blair Waldorf. Blair exudes an endless amount of class and sophistication through her wardrobe. Her style was emulated through her minions, who wore variations of Blair’s wardrobe. The daily outfits included tights, midi heels, petticoats, printed trench coats, headbands and expensive handbags. This time period of CBSFG style can be described as classy, preppy and sophisticated. 

Season 3 and 4: The Reign of Jenny Humphrey – Grungy Chic

The photos above can be found here and here. In the undying words of former queen Blair, say hello to the “Gothic Barbie”, Jenny Humphrey. Queen J completely revamped the original Constance style by incorporating a punk, grungy edge to the traditional silhouette. Jenny’s style concentrated on punk and gothic inspired pieces with a slight hint of sex appeal. The daily outfits included sheer tights, leather booties and jackets, loose ties and miniskirts. This time period of CBSFG style can be described as tough, edgy, sexy and punk. 

Season 5 and 6: The Reign of Sage Spence – Boho Chic

The photo above can be found here. Finally, we welcome the Boho Beauty of the Upper East Side, Sage Spence. Unlike Jenny and Blair, Sage was not apart of the main cast for the earlier seasons, so we only got a minimal look into her character. However, from the short period we did have her, we saw that her style exudes a more relaxed feel than the former queens. The daily outfits included cardigans, jean jackets, airy fabrics, bulky jewelry and hats. This time period of CSFG can be described by earth tones, bohemian inspirations and airy fabrics.

My personal favorite CSFG style time period is:

The Punk Park Avenue Princess – The Reign of Jenny Humphrey

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  1. preppy chic is the best!!

  2. I just finished watching Gossip Girl in its entirety and I agree with you here!

  3. Definitely miss this show. All of the style was so great. I can't pick a favorite season's style. Fun Post!

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