Friday, September 13, 2013

Pretty Little Liars Inspiration: Aria Montgomery

Following my Hanna Marin post, I decided to follow up with the porcelain princess known as Aria Montgomery. Aria is known as the “artsy” girl in the liars, and her style perfectly reflects her creative look on life. She is my favorite liar, in both character and style, and is able to match classically feminine staples such as dresses and heels with tough accessories such as biker jackets and booties. 

In my outfit, I paired a beautiful black and pink floral skater dress with a leather jacket and stiletto booties. Accessories are a must for an Aria look, and I paired this look with black earrings, multiple rings, and a layered gold necklace. Aria’s makeup is always on point, and I added a neutral brown eyeshadow palette with a black kohl eyeliner, mascara, a deep pink-brown lipstick and dark pink gloss. FInally, a curling iron is required to copy Aria’s face-flattering curls. 

All in all, I feel that Aria is my top style icon currently on television (Serena van der Woodsen can never be beaten). I feel that her style can easily be used for either a glamorous day at school or a night out with the girls. I also feel that Aria’s style can make any girl look beautiful.

<3 Naa

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