Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Style Savvy: 4 Fall Fashion Outfit Inspiration + Side Projects!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Sorry about the lack of post, but I have been super busy lately. I just wanted to have a post that shows different outfits that fit different fashion styles. Now, prior to getting into fashion I used to assume that there were maybe 4 or 5 different type of fashion styles. Following my introduction to the fashion community, I realized that this was a grow underestimate: style comes in a vast combination of categories. Now, many people struggle with dressing for different seasons while retaining the same style, as they feel that it can be inappropriate for different temperatures. Here are 4 outfits in different style categories that are perfect for the fall:

1. Casual

Now, as the resident of a college town, the casual and laid back aesthetic is the most common look. When you are a broke, busy college student with no time to get ready, it is just easy to put on a comfortable and warm outfit that can keep you both cozy and stylish. By pairing a printed sweater, beige colored scarf, light-colored leather jacket and black leggings with riding boots, you can look well-put together while keeping your body warm. A beret is perfect for bad-hair days, while natural makeup will keep you fresh faced! 

2. Preppy 

My Gossip Girl obsession follows me with this Blair Waldorf inspired Preppy fall outfit. Autumn in NYC is one of the most beautiful sites in the world. Now, this outfit is a traditionally sophisticated and feminine inspired look. I am in love with trench coats for the fall, as they add a certain oomph to your outerwear. A ruffled top with a pencil skirt and closed toe heels are perfect for a fashionable walk to work. However, a preppy girl never concentrates on sex appeal, so tight are required so that the look does not become inappropriate. Finally, a natural smokey eye and deep colored lip complete this look. 

3. Boho Chic 

The Boho Chic fashion craze has taken Hollywood by storm – Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Blake Lively are just a few example of women who have embraced this trend. Now, for those who aren’t too well-versed with the style, the bohemian style is defined with earth toned shades with flowing fabrics. For the autumn, most boho chic followers are at a loss on how to continue there aesthetic without freezing in the temperature. With this outfit, a tribal printed maxi dress is matched with a printed cardigan and Aztec printed infinity scarf. A brown belt is used to cinch the waist while matching sandals keep the look laid back. Chunky jewelry are used as bold, statement accents on the outfit. Now, I have tried an outfit similar to the one above, and I have found that I was able to keep quite warm in 50 degree weather. 

4. Geek Chic

This is arguably the most fun of all the looks on this list! Back in time, being called a geek was an insult, synonymous of being a social outcast and awkward. Now, being called a geek is now its own style; people are proud to be geeks. This look is an exaggeration on the traditional “nerdy” look. A blazer is paired with a white blouse and plaid mini skirt to emulate a school uniform, while hipster glasses, knee high socks and bright colored oxfords add a bold touch to the looks. Studious accessories and a bright colored lip finish off this quirky little outfit for fall. 

Side Projects

So, this is just a little overview of what I am doing currently with my blog. I’m still getting acquainted with members of Ajent and loving it! I have also been contacted by a few companies that want to start a relationship with my fashion blog, which I will plan to make post about in the next two days or so. I just needed to say that I couldn’t have done anything without the help of all you and I love you all! Finally, I have been thinking of starting my own magazine, but I wanted to get some advice from all of you? Here are a few photos from it:

Please tell me what you think!

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  2. I love the preppy items, even though I am not remotely preppy. I would love to see an e-zine from you! And if you need any help with graphics I'm pretty decent at it. :)

    1. I think that you could definately rock the preppy look! And I would love to work with you on graphics-maybe we could make some partnership. Email me at adolescentchicblog@gmail.com if your interested.

      <3 Naa

  3. I'm loving that geek chic inspired outfit!

  4. Heyyy! Lovely blog! Would like to stay in touch!
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  5. I do love the plaid and military combo, it's a cute fall look!
    Chic on the Cheap