Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My: Dazed and Beautiful

Hey Everyone!!!

I have decided to start a new series known as Bloggers, Vloggers and Gurus Oh My! Basically, the series will concentrate on up-and-coming fashion and/or beauty bloggers or vloggers. I feel that there is a large array of underrated gurus on the internet that deserve some recognition, and this series will do just that. Here is for our very first guru:

This is Lisa from the blog Dazed and Beautiful. You can find her blog here and her Youtube channel here. Lisa is a beautiful 16 year old girl who loves fashion and makeup. She started her blog in April of 2012 after some convincing from a close friend. Her blog includes celebrity makeup tutorials, DIY tutorials, hair care and fashion tips. Here is a little look into her channel:

Dazed and Beautiful Ariana Grande Tutorial

Dazed and Beautiful 3 Last Minute Makeup Tutorials

Dazed and Beautiful H & M Haul

Dazed and Beautiful 3 Last Minute Costumes 

Above are just a few of her blog post and Youtube Videos. Because it is the holiday season and the year will be over in less than a month, one of my goals for the end of this calendar year is to get Lisa to over 150 subscribers on Youtube (HER VIDEOS ARE AMAZING)!!!! Please help me help her by subscribing to her channel here and her blog here

<3 Naa


  1. This is a great feature. Amazing idea! I love seeing other bloggers support each other.