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Designer Decoding: Mathieu Mirano

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My post on Oscar de La Renta was very popular, so I decided to write another post on a designer! I have decided that I will be always follow an established designer with an up-and-coming designer. As a newer blogger, I feel almost obliged to help out fellow newbies to the fashion industry. Now, for this edition of Designer Decoding, I have an astoundingly talented designer who, at the tender age of 22, has already had a show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and dressed the likes of Lady Gaga and Nicole Richie. Here you go:

Promotion Photo and Background Information

Photo: 1

Born and raised in the fashion capital that is New York City, Mathieu Mirano attended the Huntington School of Fine Arts before eventually moving on to the highly esteemed Parson School of Design. Mirano’s designs are distinct for there perfect mix of creative whimsy and impeccable construction. Mirano claims to be inspired by “his extensive travels and cultural experiences in Europe, Asia and Africa.” With all that Mirano has and continues to accomplish, it is quite difficult to believe that he is only 22 years old!

Runway Looks

Photo: 1

All of these outfits appeared at Mirano’s Spring 2013 collection, and show his talent with bold colors, prints and overall tailoring. The first look on the far right consist on a simple white, long sleeved top paired with a cream colored short. I love how well it fits the model and how understated it is in comparison to the other pieces. I am particularly a fan of the tiered overskirt on the second dress (do I spy a new peplum trend) and the golden fossil-based print on the fourth dress. 

Photo: 1

Now, all of these outfits appeared in Mirano’s most recent collection for the Spring 2014 collection. This shows his extensive knowledge on sequins along with his great eye for cohesion. By using the same fabric in each outfit, the audience can tell that the outfits come from a similar collection. Also, while sequin can easily go very wrong, Mirano is able to use understated pieces to balance out the glitz and glam. 

Photo: 1,2 and 3

Now, these are 3 of my favorite looks from all of Mirano’s pieces. They all were in his collection last year, and include a leather skirt. Now, for my regular readers, you know of my love for edgy/glamourous fashion, and leather skirts are the perfect balance of each. These three looks are a perfect example of Mirano’s aesthetic, which is chic, powerful and whimsical. 

Celebrity Photos

Photo: 1

This is Nicole Richie, or the Boho-Chic Queen, in Mathieu Mirano at the 2012 Alma Awards. I first have to start by saying this dress immediately reminds me of Blair’s Marchesa prom gown that Leighton Meester wore at the end of season 2 of Gossip Girl. I love golden sequin mixed with black linen, as I feel that it is the perfect mix of bright and dark. This gown looks wonderful on both the model and Nicole, however, I wish that Nicole would have gone slightly lighter on the eye liner and shown off her natural beauty in this amazing gown. 

Photo: 1

Now, this gown definitely portrays Mathieu’s versatility as a designer. Not only can he create beautiful Ready to Wear outfits, but he can create magnificent Haute Couture works of art. This custom made gown was worn by Lady Gaga during her Good Morning America debut of her hit song “Applause”. I just love how the shoulder pads look like two beautiful wings on her back, and how clear and simple this look is in comparison to some of her other looks. 

Please check out more of Mirano’s work at:

He is such an excellent designer and I hope he has years of success!

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