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School Style: Autumn Addition!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

Today, I decided to do a more personal post. As you may know as my followers, I consistently use images that have been professionally taken by reputable photographers and bloggers. I then rate this photographs in different fashion styles and beauty trends. However, today my school had a casual dress down day, and I realized how great the fashion style at my campus actually is. So, I now present with you on how to dress for a cool Autumn day, with models of my high school. Here you go:

Beautiful Day



This budding fashionista matched a sequin teal sweater with a colorful classic scarf. She then accesorised the look with large, hooped earring and a care-free ponytail. I absolutely love the use of a bold earring and the mix of rainbow and sequin. This is such a school appropriate look for school, and is just an elegant combination of childish wonder and modern fashion. Definitely an A+. 

Now, this brilliant little cheerleader wore a classic mix of taupe and gray. However, her scarf included a beautiful print that added a bold touch to her rather understated personality. As a fellow classmate of this gorgeous young lady, I can honestly say that her style correctly symbolize her personality: gracious, understated and soft. Just look at that smile!

Now, this girl loves to rock her prints! She breaks all of the rules through mixing an aztec print black and white sweater with a bright pink scarf. Now, while mixing different prints can go very wrong, this young style guru goes for a safer choice of mixing two neutral colors (black and white) with a bold shade (bright pink). Her outfit is arguably one of my favorite of the day. 


The 90′s are coming back with jean jackets! While I am not a large fan of jean jackets (I only like darker denim), however, I can appreciate when the style is done well. In this photo, this little cheerleading musician matched her darker shades of gray and black with the lighthearted jean jacket to balance the level of tough and soft. In this case, the jean jacket is an essential piece of outerwear. 

Now, if you couldn’t tell by the perfectly manicured nails, the blended eyeliner and the beautifully styled hair, this young lady is definitely one of the schools top fashion inspirations. Now, even though I do not usually gravitate towards cardigans, I am a huge fan of fishnet stockings. The cardigan that this fashion maven wears adds an edgy, mysterious and slightly sensual touch to a traditionally preppy staple. I also love how she keeps the color palette of black and white consistent throughout the entire look. 

Now, this peppy young lady had my second favorite female look of the day, and I think that the light brown leather jacket is the icing on the cake. With her all black ensemble and gray colored crochet scarf, a black leather jacket would most likely have made the look slightly too gothic. Being a close personal friend of the girl in the photo, she is the furthest thing away from edgy–she is actually one of the most incredible and sweetest people you can ever meet. I think that the choice of a brighter jacket was perfect. 

This foreign beauty (German, to be exact) had one of the most girly and adorable outfits of the day. I first have to say I love the print on the skirt, as the pop of pink definitely calms down the intensity of the black on her fair skin. The pink top and gray scarf once again stay to her intended color palette, and the zip up jacket is such a casual addition to the outfit. I think that these types of jacket are need to down play the look from a night out on the town to a day at school. 


Animal-printed sweaters have been a huge trend during this year’s New York and Tokyo fashion weeks, and are both comfortable and cute. Now, the butterfly stitch on this photo is almost as adorable as the girl wearing it, and perfectly symbolizes a silly personality. Once again, these types of sweaters are absolutely perfect to bring to school, especially on some of the chillier days. 

I love the color of this sweater, especially the stitching on the front of the top. The cross stitching on the front of the sweater makes it appear as a cardigan, and the illusionary types of clothing are some of my favorite types of fashion (think Dmitri from Project Runway final jacket)! Even though this may be unrelated, I love the color match between her top and the backpack–its so cute!

This neutral colored taupe sweater is the perfect staple for a cool day at the academy. Its just so practical–especially when your studying hard like the girl in this photo. This is sort of an inside joke, as if you knew this young fireball in life, it would worry you to see her in such a serious pose I also can’t help but marvel at the beautiful assortment of rings on her fingers. 

I love the interesting wool crochet pattern of this salt and pepper inspired sweater. I have never thought of matching a camo green colored pant with a black and white top, however, I might just go for it considering this look made it seem so fresh and cool. I also have to say that I love the shape of this young lady’s eyebrows and her smile, as it beams as much as her personality. 

As you can see with the large assortment of sweaters, they are all the rage with high school autumn fashion! This is most likely my personal aesthetic when it comes to fashion, as gold and black is my favorite color combination. The zig-zag design of the wool sweater adds a bold accent to the look, and completes the look. 

This petite princess is the queen of the sweater dresses, and takes a completely new spin on the traditional top. I love the use of a light blue gray dress and a navy trench coat, as it allows for the use of the same color palette. Some of the best outfits come from the use of different shades of the same color. The printed scarf is ah-mazing, especially the leopard print design. Finally, the belt clinches the waist perfectly, emphasizing this Italian’s beauty perfect figure. 


Natural Makeup Look:

These are a few pictures of the ladies at the school who love to keep it au natural. As a girl who wears makeup about 50% of the week and goes bared-face the other half, I have no personal preference to if a person chooses to wear makeup or not. However, I feel that every person in this world is gorgeous, with or without makeup, and I think that every singe girl in these photos look incredible. 

Glamorous Makeup Look

This is for all of my girls who love to use a little makeup to emphasize what they have got. Once again, I have no personal preference to whether a young women wears makeup or not, but I think that a little makeup to highlight your good features can always do good. I think that every young lady in every photo looks incredible!!!


Now, I couldn’t forget about my fellas! I think that too many school style post forget about the boys that need a little style help. In my school, a lot of the boys opted for zip up jackets, button up tops and sports jerseys. However, there were a few boys who when slightly more formal with a fitted blazer or leather jacket. I personally think that men should be confident in portraying there style, as I can admit that I know a plethora men with better style than I. 

Now, the biggest rule in surviving school in the fall is to just HAVE FUN:

Now, as a weekly style report, I will give a personal style award to a student I feel exuded a certain amount of creativity to their look. Todays winner is:

This is actually an outfit I could see made in Berlin Fashion Week, as it has that incredible grungy look while being completely wearable. You go, girl!

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