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Designer Decoding: Oscar de La Renta

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Even though beauty and makeup will always be two very distinct loves in my life, fashion has always been my calling. As the writer of Adolescent Chic, I love to share my style to the world. Today, I will be doing an in-depth style review of one of my favorite designers of all time, Oscar De La Renta. As a little run down, a Designer Description will include a little background history of the designer and his/her inspirations, along with a timeline of some of their most memorable of runway and celebrity looks. Here we go:

Promotion Photo

Background Info

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Oscar de La Renta was born Ă“scar ArĂ­stides Ortiz de la Renta Fiallo on July 22nd, 1932 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At the tender age of 18, de la Renta left his Dominican Republic home to study painting at the Academy of San Fernando. However, once he arrived at the university, he grew a great interest in fashion design and sketching. His innate eye for fashion and great talent for design had him sketching for large Spanish fashion houses while still in college. His history was a foretelling to his great fashion career that was to come.

Runway Looks

Photo: 1

This coalition of photos were taken at the 2013 Oscar De La Renta Fashion show during New York Fashion Week. This is a perfect representation of de La Renta’s aesthetic, which is chic, dramatic and beautiful. As seen from the incredible pink evening gown on the left of the photo, along with the second through fourth photo, de La Renta is a very huge fan of prints. Prints are one of those things that can either go very wrong or very right-this use of print obviously goes into the latter category. Now here are some of my favorite de La Renta dresses:

This gorgeous 2008 gown by Oscar de La Renta is a completely new spin on prints, with its gorgeous golden sequin and halter silhouette. I’m not exactly sure why, but this dress is just an absolute show stopper, and I could only imagine how it would feel to actually put this dress on.

Photo: 1

This incredible work of art of comes from de La Renta’s 2013 resort collection, and is arguably my favorite dress of all of his designs. The dress itself has such a simple beauty to it, while the golden belt and SHOES (I’m obsessed with those shoes) just add the perfect touch of glamour. 

Photo: 1

Now, this Oscar De La Renta look comes from his bridal collection. I am just so impressed by the versatility of his work, as while de La Renta isn’t known for his wedding gowns, he is able to create this gorgeous design. I have always been a sucker for a flared skirt and high neck line, and this dress tastefully connects both of these. 

Celebrity Photos

Photo: 1 and 2

This is the dress that Anne Hathaway wore at the 2009 Tony Awards, which was the same dress found in the Oscar de La Renta Fall 2009 runway show. I actually prefer the dress on Anne, as I felt that the red pumps added a needed pop of color to the monochromatic, black dress. This dress is a completely new turn on the LBD, and I love what it does to your figure.

Photo: 1

This “New Girl” loves her de La Renta, as this is the third dress by the designer that she has worn to an event. This red dress is apart of the spring 2013 collection (I couldn’t find the runway photo for the life ) and is the symbol of hollywood glamour. I also love how Zooey styles the dress with a pearl necklace, wispy hair, and beautiful film reel nail art (hey Beth, you should recreate this)!

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  1. i love this designer! His works are art not just fashion :)

  2. Ah I love Oscar de la Renta!

  3. I have been an Oscar fan for so many years. You can find some of my posts about him at my blog as well. Great post, so nice to connect via IFB. xo